The end of the journey!

You could say yes that this is the end of the journey for this course, EDC3100 with the completion of the third assignment, learning journey and all my blogs. This course has been a rewarding experience by being able to learn so many different technologies available and how to integrate these technologies effectively to enrich the students learning and also my teaching. The workload during the course was a little daunting at first, however now looking back at the completion of the course I think the stress and frustration was definitely worth it all due to learning and experiencing so much in regards to ICT’s by completing each learning activity within the learning journey each week. Yes it might be the end of the journey for completing and finalising this course, though the journey has only begun in regards to embedding ICTs within classrooms to enrich students learning and also my teaching.

Another fellow blogger, Sophie feels the same way towards this course, by agreeing that her journey of ICT’s also doesn’t end with the completion of this course. It will be always within our future journey as teachers to embed ICT’s within the classroom and reflect upon how we can enhance student’s learning by integrating a variety of ICT’s across the curriculum learning areas.

I have enjoyed completing this course this semester, I think this course was a rewarding experience with using blogs to interact with peers to learn and share new learning’s of ICT’s. I hope to hear how everyone else has felt towards the completion of this course and their reflection! I will look forward to sharing and learning new ICT’s with people that continue with their blogs!


PredICTing the future

This course as really made myself aware of the endless possibilities of embedding ICT’s within the classrooms to enhance and enrich students learning and also teaching. During the course I have learnt many new different ICT’s, some I have never even heard of before! When I came across fellow blogger, Sophie’s blog about the K-12 Horizon Report, I also myself have never heard of it before, just like Sophie. I found it very interesting as the report each year identifies the technologies that will likely have a significant impact on global education, with predicting the next five years. 

The following predictions were made last year, 2012 so it was interesting to have a look and see if these predictions were valid!
By 2013:
-Mobile device applications
-Tablet computing

By 2014-2015:
-Game based learning
-Personal learning environments

Looking at these predictions I have experienced the incorporation of mobile device applications, tablet computing and game based learning used to enhance students learning. This however made me realize what they will be predicting for the future, with updating their report every year it makes myself aware of how much technology is changing within the modern 21st century and is being relied upon within everyday, therefore education is changing to embed these technologies within classrooms. It scares me a little knowing that one day I will have to be up to date with the variety of technologies available and most importantly be able to integrate these technologies effectively to enhance students learning and also my teaching.

Different ways to use an interactive whiteboard!

I came across a fellow blogger, Bridget’s blog post which got me thinking about my professional experience prac. She posted about how on her professional experience she had limited use of the interactive whiteboard apart from the obvious using it as a projector. On my professional experience, I mainly used the interactive whiteboard for also a projector especially with most student being visual learners, therefore it was primarily used for scaffolding the learning or visual modeling for the students . Bridget has shared this website, 56 ways to use an interactive whiteboard, which shares a variety of useful ways that the interactive whiteboard can be integrated within the classroom to enhance students learning.

This is a great resource for teachers to look at, as after myself discovering the website and reading the different ways an interactive whiteboard can be used has really broadened my ideas for useful ways to enrich learning using across the curriculum learning areas.   

Intergrating ICT’s whilst on Prac!

While on my professional experience I felt that integrating ICT’s within learning experiences was quite challenging, a fellow blogger also had felt this was way due to limited resources within the school. The mentor I had was very supportive and knew the requirements that had to be fulfilled for this course. She had let me change the history assessment with integrating the students to plan, design and present a ‘Glogster’ presentation of their final information report of their historical artefact. To do this I had to teach students how to effectively use and interact with ‘Glogster’ and had to adjust the criteria to align with the students being marked for their ‘Glogster’ presentation. To enhance their presentations students incorporated a variety of images, video and audio to support their written information report. In previous years the students would hand in a typed 300 word information report, so definitely changed the assessment!

I also integrated ICT’s of using Ipad’s for students with lower academic abilities and the Interactive Whiteboard to deliver instructions and scaffold learning for the visual learners. Overall I believe that I enhanced students learning to the best ability that I could with limited resources available.

Behaviour Management Classroom Tools!

After posting my blog, Digital Classroom Management Tools, I came across a fellow blogger, Emilie’s blog on a useful Behaviour Management Classroom Tool that would have been effective to use within my classroom at professional experience. The school I was at whilst on professional experience, strongly embraced and integrated acknowledging positive behaviour with constructive timely feedback and a reward system, ‘Gotchas”. The “Gotchas” were tokens which at the end of each week allowed students with the most tokens to be rewarded with prizes such as vouchers to the school tuck-shop or local movie shop. The school emphasized upon acknowledging positive behaviour, rather than giving attention to students exhibiting negative behaviour, this would result with students wanting ‘attention’ to exhibit positive behaviour rather than negative behaviour. 

This resource, Class Dojo allows students, teachers and parents to visually see stats on students behaviour. This resource can be used effectively to promote and praise positive behaviour within the classroom. This resource would have worked perfectly within my prac’s classroom, with students being able to visually identify the positive behaviour being praised by the teacher and how many ‘Gotchas” they have received.

What an effective and enriching tool to use within the classroom to help promote positive behaviour!

Assignment 3 progress!

Well as you have probably seen that yes I am trying to get all my blogs over and done with so I can focus just on completing my last and final assignment for this course! I apologize in advance if I am bombarding you with heaps of blog posts…. don’t worry only have 4 more to go then that is the last you will see of me! I came across a fellow blogger, Billy who was also trying to finish all his blogs so he could primarily focus on just completing the third and final assignment! I must say that using WordPress has helped me discover new enriching learning and teaching tools within the classroom in particular technology tools. I have enjoyed using WordPress, however finding time amongst everything else at the moment has been difficult to keep up!

Encouraging determination!

A fellow blogger, Ashleigh shared a great online website, Wimp that teachers could incorporate within their teaching to encourage motivation and determination. This in particular related strongly to my professional experience prac as the students were completing an assignment on researching a person that shows ‘courage’ then were required to present an online presentation of a biography on the person to identify how and why they have shown courage. 

My mentor each morning would show the students an inspiring video on a person who has shown courage and determination to overcome a struggle that they are dealing with within life. The main focus of this inspiring video as my mentor said was to broaden students understanding of ‘when you are dealt with a problem in life, your attitude on life can help overcome it’ with telling students that their are always people in life that can be worse off than you. This resource that Ashleigh has shared would have been a great tool to use during prac due to the website sharing numerous videos on giving the message to students to not give up!