Intergrating a variety of ICT’s within the classroom is important

When thinking ICT the first thing that comes to my mind is computers. In today’s
modern world however technology is always changing and is moving beyond
computers. When I went onto my last professional experience this is when my
eyes opened up to this realization. Students were engaging within tablets,
cameras, smart phones and an interactive whiteboard to enhance their learning.
All the children I observed knew how to use all of these ICT tools effectively
and knew more than me! All the students within their learning were all engaged
and were enjoying the tasks, which the use of using these ICT tools assist in
the students developing this engagement and enjoyment. This then creates an
emphasis to me on the importance of integrating the different ICT’s available
within the classroom.

I found the following website interesting The guardian Beta, which is a
network website which Mike Britland, who is an educator himself shares
the top five ICT tools that can be used across the curriculum. The five
different ICT tools that Mike Britland shares I have only heard of one,
which is Prezi which I believe is a great alternative presentation application
that is interactive for all students to engage within. I investigated into each ICT
tool and I think each one is a valuable resource depending on what you would
want the students to achieve and how you want to apply the ICT within the
lesson, though each of these ICT tools is a great resource you can effectively
use across the curriculum to engage students within their learning. When
investigating into each ICT tool, it made myself more aware to the variety of
different ICT tools that are available to use within the classroom, keeping in
mind my earlier thought when I first commenced this course is that when I
thought of ICT I thought of computers, well yes now I realize it is definitely
far beyond computers with the great resources available in the modern world today!


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