Week One Conclusions

Yes this conclusion is a little late, though just getting my head around
learning WordPress! When commencing this course a week ago, I felt that I was very
confident with my own understanding and ability of using ICT’s due to being
exposed to and relying on ICT’s in my everyday life. However now concluding on
the first week of this course my confidence has burst! The different range of
ICT’s that I have been exposed to during the first week I believe is the reason
to feeling less confident.  However I am excited to learn and explore these new ICT’s
and discover a range of ICT’s for myself that is going to be a useful and an enriching tool
to use within the classroom to be able to engage students within their own learning.  

So far, I have found the material and resources on the learning path very
relevant, and also interesting by learning new ICT’s that I have never heard of
before! Prior to this course I have never had a blog, never knew that Diigo,
Evernote, Scootle and Feedly existed until now!  When finishing this course, it will
be very interesting to read over my blog and see how far I have come with developing
my own understanding of a variety of ICT’s and how to effectively integrate these
ICT’s within my pedagogical practices to enhance the students learning.

To enhance my own learning during the course I am strongly using my Personal
Knowledge Management to be able to make sense of my own understandings
effectively and to assist with developing a network of people to also help retrieve
valuable sources. The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (AITSL
, consist of professional learning by engaging with other colleagues
and the community which this enriching ICT of WordPress is helping myself
fulfill those requirements and enhancing my own learning. Though before this
course I have never considered registering for a blog, therefore this course is
enhancing my own learning and confidence to engage within ICT’s. 

After the first week, I now can’t wait to finish the readings and activities
for week two!


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