Today’s media driven world

After reading the Postman’s five things we need to know, I found it very interesting
and I could strongly agree to the point that technology is always a tradeoff; with
every advantage a new technology offers, there is always a corresponding
disadvantage. I can relate to this as my smartphone is like my mini-computer,
this is a great advantage for myself as I can regularly access emails, banks,
travel with GPS, university work, google, play games, watch videos, play music
and contact friends or family through social networks and much more with easily
carrying around the mobile phone! However yes these are all great, the
disadvantage is that I am constantly distracted by all of this easy access
entertainment that I always have my smart phone on me that I am never focusing
on one single thing.

The smartphone which is strongly used for social media can negatively influence
the development of social skills, the contact I strongly use is usually typing
messages as they are instant and allow for emotions to be attached within a
message, however as I have found for myself there can always be misconceptions
or different perspectives can be mistaken within a single text message. This
can be attained as it can be difficult to understand the tone or the mood of
the message due to a message being difficult to explain through typing.  I think it is important to not just rely on
social media to keep a balanced approach to using social media, as there can be
a lack of communication/social skills as there is no old fashioned face to face
interaction, to allow to use these skills.

Yes even though social networking does create connections and networks between
people, I think that valuable social skills can be lost when virtual
communication replaces regular face to face social interaction. I know I have disadvantaged
myself by this with experiencing it first hand with loosing friendships or
spending less time with friends by simply relying on social media to keep in
contact. Yes in today’s modern media driven world, technology is all around us
and you always see people walking, talking and using their smart phones; people
would be lost without them… I will admit that I would be! I do think they are a
great advantage to people’s lives as they are so easy to use and has got just
about everything you need, however we can’t rely just on smartphones to keep in
contact with one another, otherwise friendships and communication/social skills
can all be disadvantaged.  


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