Concept Map


Today we have commenced week three of the learning journey! Where has the time gone? Starting to feel a little stressed knowing that week five will be here very soon and that means online artefacts are due! Well over the last two weeks, this course has made me aware of the different ICT’s that can be integrated within the learning context to enhance students learning. Last week within the learning activities I learnt about the Google Books Ngram Viewer, which I happened to find interesting as you could embed this ICT resource within any learning context across any applications.  This is one of the few ICT resources I have learnt during the first two weeks, though I have discovered a variety of different ICTs that can be used to enhance students learning, I have also discovered ICTs that can enhance my own professional learning; when I developed a learning journal, which I have reflected upon during the weeks activities.

I strongly believe that students need to reflect upon their own learning to critically analyze and understand their development, which also we have to do within each week of the activities within our blogs. When I was reflecting upon the learning journey from week one and two, this developed my own learning’s and understandings of integrating ICTs within the learning context. These learning’s and understandings that I have reflected upon during the weeks assisted with creating my own concept map. I know it’s only the third week commencing this course, though after developing my concept map I have discovered that my own learning journey has flourished in comparison to commencing this course three weeks ago.

When creating my concept map I found a great online resource which is free to sign up to, Text2Mind Map is an online resource which assists you in designing your own concept map. It is a very easy resource to use; all you have to do is put all the required information in and the resource designs the concept map for you. This resource would be great to use for a primary school context, though however due to the simplicity of just putting in the required information and the resource designing the concept map itself, no higher order thinking skills are achieved. This could be used to introduce mind maps to the students then scaffold the students learning to understanding concept maps; this resource due to the simplicity can also be integrated across all subject areas to contain easy accessible information. I have attached my concept map with this blog so everyone can see the resource that I used to create my concept map and also so you can compare reasons for integrating ICTs within teaching.  If anyone is still creating their concept map, I recommend using it!



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