Let’s play games!

This week we are commencing week three, as I start the first learning
activity for the week, I discover instructions to play a game.. Yes we are playing a
game! Ok that’s a great way to start the third week, especially on a Monday
morning! The online game that we had to play was an online mathematics game
focusing on Algebra, called DragonBox Algebra. When I was at school,
mathematics was my least favorite subject, so after reading the online
game had to do with mathematics, my excitement was flattened a little!
After playing five minutes within the game, I had to teach myself how to
play as there was no explicit instructions to take you through the process
of how to play the game or how to solve the equations. I thought that after
solving the task, the equations would visibly appear for the person playing
the game to see the equation themselves. It didn’t feel like an algebra game,
felt like I wasn’t even playing anything to do with algebra! It was an engaging
game however there were no explicit instructions to explain how to play the
game, no visual equations which would assist the visual learners within the
learning context and I personally thought that the game was focusing too much
on getting the dinosaur box alone then focusing on the algebra concepts. However
once the algebra concepts are developed within the students learning, the students
could use this resource as an engaging effective fun game to develop further skills with
their algebra.

When I have been researching for online ICTs to use to enhance students learning,
I have found numerous games that can be integrated across subject areas. This
leads to the assumption that the use of computer games to enhance learning is
an increasingly popular practice. The Interactive sites for education are a great
online resource for learning! They have so many online interactive resources from
prep to year five for all subject areas, especially the younger grades would be highly
engaged with the interactive learning of playing on the computer. You must have a
look and see the many great resources available that The Interactive sites for education

I found an interesting article about the importance of integrating ICT games to
enhance learning, which concludes that there is many different ways to
incorporate the use of computer games to develop students learning. As this
article; The use of computer and video games for learning: A review of the literature
argues that the positive learning outcomes of engaging students within visual and
spatial aesthetics that draw players into fantasy worlds which seem very real to them
help construct meaning with creating creativity and experimentation. I agree that
the appropriate chosen computer game can promote and develop students



  1. Hey there. I just wanted to say thanks for the very useful and interesting links. The interactive game site has become one of my favorites and I love how they cover all KLA’S! I also read the attached article which I found quite interesting. I agree with you, if the appropriate games are selected students learning experiences can be further enhanced. Look forward to reading some more of your blog posts!

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