Pedagogical Knowledge

After the recent reading from Postman, thoughts developed by how technology can
change and impact upon pedagogy.  I then related this thought of how technology
can impact upon pedagogy to my own Pedagogical Knowledge (PK). As Koehler and
Mischra (2009) define Pedagogical Knowledge (PK) as a teacher’s deep knowledge to
providing an understanding of how learners construct their own learning through the
support of classroom management and the purpose of using particular strategies.
Therefore when integrating ICT’s within your teaching, teachers should be using
their own pedagogical knowledge to have a purpose for using that particular ICT
into the learning experience. In week two of the study desk activities, a task was
to reflect on our own experiences with pedagogy and share with others.

The experience I have had with pedagogy that assisted the learners within the
primary context at that time was the importance of integrating hands on activities
which included concrete materials. All the learners enjoyed being able to do
trial and error themselves and be able to see the results first hand, this
created the students all being engaged which therefore resulted with less behavior
management issues as all students were on task.

Having the students do real life experiences that they could see meaningful and
therefore wanted to be engaged within the activity then made myself want to do
some research on useful meaningful engaging ICT’s that could be integrated to
enhance students learning. I came across a free online ICT resource called Mathalicious
which has lessons designed with connecting multiple content standards by
building a conceptual understanding through real world contexts. The lessons
promote higher order thinking and problem solving which challenges the students
to construct arguments, justifications and to critically analyze their own

I know myself that within my mathematics class at school I was not engaged
within the learning, mathematics was my least favorite subject. This is why I
think I was very interested upon finding this valuable resource, due to
resource enhancing mathematics. I think the resource Mathalicious is a great resource which
should be integrated within a mathematics primary learning context to enhance
engagement, conceptual understanding and to have students see relevance to
their learning, which therefore creates interest.


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