Hi Ashleigh!
I was investigating today what online web based resource I can use for the assignment. I came across your blog and watched the video of the program, Prezi. I think this would be a great program to use for assignment one, thankyou for sharing!


Today I started assignment one for this course and I have decided to create my web-based artefact with a program called Prezi. If you are like me and had never heard of this program before this course, feel free to watch the following video as a short introduction to the program.


Basically it is a program which allows you to make the ‘coolest’ presentations which are sure to impress your intended audience. I was quite nervous when commencing on my presentation as I have had some difficulties with new programs in the past, but I have found Prezi to be quite straightforward and easy to use. I think it is an amazing program which will definitely come in handy for future assignments, so thank you EDC3100 for introducing me to this effective and resourceful ICT.

Has anyone else found this program to be as great as I have?


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