A modern approach to introducing concepts!


When doing this weeks activities within the learning path, I was introduced to the Khan Academy, which was described on the study desk as one of the big things in educational technology over the recent years. Though before being introduced to the Khan Academy, a question was asked, Do you remember algebra at school? How did that work? When I was learning the concept of algebra at school, I did many exercises within my textbook and the teacher introduced algebra by scaffolding the learning with lots of explanations and discussions on the whiteboard. After I reflected upon how I learnt algebra, I was directed to look at the videos on how to learn algebra
which were on the Khan Academy website.

Wow! Khan Academy is a great online resource to engage students within learning mathematics! I know at school I disliked my mathematics class and I felt this was due to not understanding the teachers explanations of the concepts being introduced. What a huge difference Khan Academy could have made when I was learning algebra! These videos on learning about algebra were very explicit which therefore were very easy to understand with the visual diagrams supporting the learning.

I came across Kayla’s blog who further explained the Khan Academy online resource and made a great point. Kayla wrote within her blog that it can be difficult for teachers to explain new mathematical concepts and skills for all students to understand the concept effectively, these videos of Khan Academy can assist teachers with engaging and enhancing students, which can then also provide a new perspective for students. Teachers should take advantage of such a great resource and integrate this online resource of Khan Academy within their teaching of a new mathematical concept. When I reflect back on when I was learning the new concept of algebra, I struggled to understand the teachers explanations.. if this online resource was available I believe I could have understood the concept more effectively. It’s great to learn all the online resources that are available today to help assist teachers enhancing students learning and in turn developing effective pedagogy within the classroom.



  1. Having an absolute hatred for Algebra ( ingrained from high school); it always troubles me to think I will have to instruct this at some stage. The Khan Academy gave a powerful insight into the uses of Algebra and explained it much better than i ever could. I think students would be more receptive to hear the definitions using this method than me trying to fumble my way around the topic!

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