Discovering a new appreciation to social media


Three weeks ago when commencing EDC3100 course, I strongly used my mobile phone for keeping in contact with friends and quite simply just keeping up to date with what everyone is up to within their busy lives. I always used text messages and the social networking of Facebook as an everyday tool, I was not interested in any other networking media. Three weeks later within the course and reflecting back today, I have discovered so many great valuable resources and networking sites that I never knew about. The networking media sites such as WordPress, Twitter, Scootle and feedly are just only a few media sites that I have learnt about during the first three weeks of commencing this course. They are now all regularly checked within a daily basis, just like Facebook of course!  I enjoy looking forward to reading and discovering the new teaching resources, articles, reflections or ideas that people share within my feed.

I came across Laurel’s blog on WordPress, when reading her blog I could instantly relate to how she discovered a new appreciation to social media. Laurel has also understood that social networking sites can be utilized in many more forms than basic methods of only communicating or socializing. I can relate exactly to this by how I have discovered a new appreciation towards social media, just like Laurel.  I believe that social media provides a great approach to broadening our pedagogical knowledge to learning and sharing new teaching resources, ideas, reflections, concepts and ICTs available today. This gives an opportunity for enhancing students learning with utilizing and applying the variety of ICTs and resources available from the social media networks. Today I have a new appreciation of social media and I am excited for the endless opportunities that social networks available today can offer!


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