The time has come!


I thought the above picture explained it all!
Yes the time has come to start commencing assignment one! Where has the last three weeks gone? Today I have been researching and investigating the different web based online artefacts that I could use for the assignment. When I was considering each possible online based artefact I kept reminding myself, ‘can I use this resource to create a web based artefact that will persuasively inform the parents/carers of the students of why and how I will be using ICTs to improve their learning?’ Which then lead to myself relating back to the task of being able to convince the parents/carers of why integrating ICTs into the students learning is a good idea. All of these questions were answered with my concept map that I used for last week’s task; why to integrate ICTs into the classroom. When investigating each possible resource, I came across Ashleigh’s blog which she said within her blog that she decided to use the online program Prezi. Ashleigh also shared a link to a YouTube video further explaining the program.

After watching the above YouTube video of Prezi, I have decided myself, like Ashleigh to also use this program for assignment one. If anyone else is still deciding which program to use for their online web based artefact, feel free to also watch the video. Now after finally deciding what program to use… I better begin this assignment!


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