The future of a ICT driven classroom

The last three weeks within this course of discovering new ICT resources and reflecting on how today is such a media driven world, this video I was really captivated by! This video is very fascinating in regards to how the future can be utilizing technology within school classrooms. This video even though it’s only ideas today, highlights how technology within the future will be very dependent to an educational setting. I really enjoyed this video when I first saw it, the video develops thinking of where the future can advance to in regards with technology, in particular when we will be teaching in the future with all of the resources and ICTs that could be available to us to integrate within our teaching. What will the world be like in 20 years? Or even 10 years? I thought today’s world with technology was advanced, after seeing this video technology is progressively improving! This video shows a classroom that is connected with smarter technology in the future of K-12 education. The students are collaboratively working with their peers to build a bridge strongly using technology that could be available within the future. It is very exciting to explore these ideas and wonder how classrooms in the future will be strongly enriched with ICTs!



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  2. Enjoyed watching this video Melissa. You can see how crucial ICT education is for not only students but more importantly Teachers as well. We need the right skills in ICT to use a smart screen like this on the video. No excuses for students not being able to view the board up the back of class. And you are right it is exciting to think how far technology has progressed now and what the future holds in education.

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