Getting back into it!

It has been quite a while since my last blog due to focusing on other courses and assignments for the past two weeks, which now I feel a little behind! A fellow blogger, Danielle Sager is also feeling a little behind in her blogging since submitting assignment one, who is also just like me trying to catch up on her blogs during the two week holiday break! Well it is now time to get back on track with EDC3100 and start commencing the second assignment! After exploring into assignment two, I felt a little overwhelmed when unpacking the assignment in regards to how much freedom is given towards choosing the curriculum choices of the context and learning area for the 3-5 week unit design. However when recognizing that a backwards design was the template for the unit design I was relieved due to previously utilizing this tool for the planning within other courses. I came across Kazmsith’s blog who shared an interesting paper; Principles of a Backwards Design which I recommend others reading, it gives a little more insight into a Backwards Design. I am now at the stage of considering a possible learning area that I would want to focus on for my 3-5 week unit design…I better get back to it!


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