Goal: to design ICT-rich learning experiences

Yes designing ICT-rich learning experiences can be difficult due to not currently having the broad understanding of the ICT’s that can be available and how they can be utilized to support and facilitate learning. To overcome this problem, I discovered within the learning journey the Blooms digital taxonomies and frameworks which extends upon how Blooms Taxonomy links to ICT by achieving learning objectives at the level of Blooms Taxonomy. Now by looking further into this, I developed ideas for integrating ICT’s within a specific learning context that I was considering in implementing within my unit design. Although I am still at the stage of exploring possible ideas within the unit design, further possibilities had emerged after using the Padagogy wheel which assists in developing further opportunities by applying my knowledge of the content, students, the curriculum and the pedagogical framework. I recommend to others that are having trouble with exploring possibilities and the appropriateness of activities to use the Padagogy wheel in alignment with the chosen content descriptors. A fellow blogger, Steve Druery has linked to his blog an article that features the key characteristics of good quality teaching and learning with ICT, this article I found was a great informative article which assisted with my own planning of the unit design. When I am planning my unit design I think it will be important to consider these key characteristics and integrate these in alignment with the Padagoy wheel to create ICT-rich learning experiences.


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