Integrating effective use of ICT’s

During the progress of assignment two the question that keeps coming to my mind is whether the ICTs I have integrated within my unit of work is enhancing the learning experience and students learning. To overcome this issue I have within my planning I asked questions in relation to the ICTs that have been used in regards to whether they fit within the context, content, the students learning abilities and learning styles, curriculum and the 5E’s of the pedagogical framework. The learning objectives are also examined in relation to fitting into the Blooms Taxonomy by then gathering further ideas to how these ICTs could be used to fulfill these learning objectives. What I found was a great help to analyzing whether the ICTs used within the unit of work where enhancing the learning experience for the students was measuring the ICT used against the Padagogy wheel. The SAMR model was a great approach to asking questions within the SAMR ladder about how the ICT based learning experience is enhancing the students learning rather than at a substitution level. I also have viewed Scootle which offers links to resources to align with the appropriate content descriptors, which has been a great help with developing further ideas to how to integrate ICTs within the learning experience. I have been following this plan to help identify whether the use of ICTs integrated within the unit of work enhance the students learning experiences…hopefully I am on the right track and achieving an effective use of ICT’s within my unit of work.  


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