Learning from fellow bloggers!

I have learnt through the useful tool of blogging a variety of different resources and also technology that can be incorporated within the classroom to enhance students learning. Today I discovered and learnt about a new technology from a fellow blogger, Amanda who has shared a technological tool called ActivExpression that can be integrated within the classroom. I found her blog very interesting as I have never heard of the tool ActivExpression prior to reading her blog post. I think that this tool would be a great motivational and engaging device that would be able to assist the teacher with keeping students on task and engaged within their learning.

The ActivExpression device allows flexibility within lessons by providing students with instant feedback from their teacher therefore promoting further engagement within the students learning. This would be a great tool to integrate within the classroom across the curriculum learning areas by allowing educators to identify students’ progress and therefore recognizing which students needs more support within the learning content. This tool has significant benefits to both the teacher and the student’s; consequently I think the ActivExpression will be used strongly inside classrooms within the near future.  It will be interesting to see how long new ICT technologies like the ActivExpression to be implemented within the classroom to enhance students learning.


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