The debate of blogging!

Prior to commencing this course I have never heard of WordPress or knew what blogging was, now half way into the EDC3100 course I am constantly checking and relying upon the website WordPress to blog my reflections about how my learning journey is progressing. A fellow blogger, Mrs Brown shared a blog that she had come across by Shelley Wright who outlines how blogging is a new useful tool to creating a persuasive essay. However I came across Louise’s Blog which stood out to me as she was sharing an experience that she had with her sister in law who is a current year four teacher. Louise’s sister in law tried to sign up to WordPress to expand her technology use within the classroom, though Education Queensland has blocked her access to WordPress so it then develops the argument if blogging is a useful enriching tool that students can benefit from within their learning why has Education Queensland blocked access to the blogging site of WordPress?

In my own experience with blogging through this course, I have benefited in regards to my own learning experiences through reflections and positive interactions by allowing constructive feedback and comments from fellow bloggers. I think that blogging not only has benefits to students English though would be a useful tool that can be integrated across the curriculum. I now value the importance of blogging and will continue to blog throughout my professional career to share ideas and resources as a professional, however it leads to the question will I be limited within my career to allowing access to enhance students learning through blogging?


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