The ever-changing technology!

Today I came across a blog that really stood out to me. I am focusing on history within my unit of work for assignment two in regards to how times have changed within student’s daily lives in comparison to student’s parents or grandparent’s lives. A fellow blogger, Courtney shared a short humorous video on her blog post on how children react to being exposed to a Walkman. This video, Kids react to Walkman’s has several children being introduced to the Walkman and a cassette for the first time.  The student’s reactions are quite interesting with their initial responses, due to the advanced technological world that they have grown up within as the students are not familiar with the device.

This video helped link to my unit of work by having children identify that ‘times have changed’ and therefore so has technology. Children today within the 21st century are strongly using new advanced technology around them when in comparison to their parents or grandparents who used technology such as a Walkman which ‘back in the day’ they would have thought it was the best thing! This video highlights the significance of the ever changing technological world. It really makes you wonder that years ago such technology like the Walkman was a great device, were now within todays 21st century they are substituted for Mp3 players, Ipads, Iphones and Ipods. As educators we must then be able to embrace and integrate the ever changing technology to help prepare our students with the necessary skills for the students to be able to live within todays and the future of the technological world.


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