What a relief!


Well yes the two week Easter break has now finished and I am now feeling a little behind within the workload due to not achieving much work within the break. Yesterday our assignment marks were released for assignment one and I am very happy with the mark that I had received! I agree with Kathleens blog post that yes David must have heard our stress for completing this assignment and has given us a week extension on our second assignment! I knew I would have had this assignment submitted within the due date however due to the lack of time I have had recently I was afraid that the quality of my work would suffer. Yes we have received a week extension however I am still planning to submit this assignment as early as possible due to having other assignments due the following weeks, so yes this extension is a relief though the objective is to not take for granted this extension. Yes this extension has been greatly welcomed as this can allow myself to now dedicate more time to creating rich ICT learning experiences within my unit of work and also finish the remaining of the week eight learning path. Well better get stuck into this assignment!


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