Reflection on Professional Experience

Where did the last three weeks of my prac go to? I must say that the last three weeks flew by.. they do say that when your having fun time goes quickly! It was interesting to go back to my reflection prior to professional experience and I had many mixed emotions, particularly being nervous that I was teaching a grade seven class, however I loved every moment! I thought I had always had a soft side to the young ones, though after teaching grade seven I have learnt that I love the lower grades just as much as the higher grades!

I must say I haven’t had anytime with being able to blog over the last three weeks…. so sorry in advance with bombarding you with many posts! I loved my placement, the little school I was placed at had a great sense of community with the parents being involved with many of the school priorities, all the teaching staff was very nice and welcoming and my mentor was by far the BEST mentor I have had so far. My mentor was very supportive, encouraging and had great constructive feedback.. was definitely a prac were I had learnt a lot in regards to behavior due to my mentor being a teacher profiler. I have organized to go back to the school for next semester however this time I am going to grade one which I haven’t taught before.. the different experience the better I say! I am looking forward to going back! A fellow blogger, Amy also thoroughly enjoyed her last three weeks placement and is also returning to the same school!

The countdown is on till next prac.. bring it on!


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