Behaviour Management Classroom Tools!

After posting my blog, Digital Classroom Management Tools, I came across a fellow blogger, Emilie’s blog on a useful Behaviour Management Classroom Tool that would have been effective to use within my classroom at professional experience. The school I was at whilst on professional experience, strongly embraced and integrated acknowledging positive behaviour with constructive timely feedback and a reward system, ‘Gotchas”. The “Gotchas” were tokens which at the end of each week allowed students with the most tokens to be rewarded with prizes such as vouchers to the school tuck-shop or local movie shop. The school emphasized upon acknowledging positive behaviour, rather than giving attention to students exhibiting negative behaviour, this would result with students wanting ‘attention’ to exhibit positive behaviour rather than negative behaviour. 

This resource, Class Dojo allows students, teachers and parents to visually see stats on students behaviour. This resource can be used effectively to promote and praise positive behaviour within the classroom. This resource would have worked perfectly within my prac’s classroom, with students being able to visually identify the positive behaviour being praised by the teacher and how many ‘Gotchas” they have received.

What an effective and enriching tool to use within the classroom to help promote positive behaviour!


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