Different ways to use an interactive whiteboard!

I came across a fellow blogger, Bridget’s blog post which got me thinking about my professional experience prac. She posted about how on her professional experience she had limited use of the interactive whiteboard apart from the obvious using it as a projector. On my professional experience, I mainly used the interactive whiteboard for also a projector especially with most student being visual learners, therefore it was primarily used for scaffolding the learning or visual modeling for the students . Bridget has shared this website, 56 ways to use an interactive whiteboard, which shares a variety of useful ways that the interactive whiteboard can be integrated within the classroom to enhance students learning.

This is a great resource for teachers to look at, as after myself discovering the website and reading the different ways an interactive whiteboard can be used has really broadened my ideas for useful ways to enrich learning using across the curriculum learning areas.   


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