Digital classroom management tools

The class I had for my professional experience was a grade seven class with behaviour issues, which I think was a great experience for myself to learn and adopt new strategies and teaching tools within my teaching. This prac would have been by far the most enjoyable and rewarding prac in regards to learning so much within behaviour management. I came across a fellow bloggers post about using a digital tool for classroom management, this would be more appropriate to a younger grade of students though still could have been incorporated within any class if used effectively. Rebecca McLucas has shared within her blog a digital website tool called Bouncy Balls, I found this tool very interesting as this could engage students within their tasks and allow them to follow the directions of quiet noise.

I while on my prac had activities where students were to read quietly within their groups, however this was always a struggle. This Bouncy Balls tool would have worked perfectly to engage students on task and to allow students to self reflect when they are getting too loud. The classroom tool that was embraced within the schools management was the ‘one speaker rule’ with a visual poster which the teacher was to direct to each time, however I think this application would have been more effective to use!


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