Encouraging determination!

A fellow blogger, Ashleigh shared a great online website, Wimp that teachers could incorporate within their teaching to encourage motivation and determination. This in particular related strongly to my professional experience prac as the students were completing an assignment on researching a person that shows ‘courage’ then were required to present an online presentation of a biography on the person to identify how and why they have shown courage. 

My mentor each morning would show the students an inspiring video on a person who has shown courage and determination to overcome a struggle that they are dealing with within life. The main focus of this inspiring video as my mentor said was to broaden students understanding of ‘when you are dealt with a problem in life, your attitude on life can help overcome it’ with telling students that their are always people in life that can be worse off than you. This resource that Ashleigh has shared would have been a great tool to use during prac due to the website sharing numerous videos on giving the message to students to not give up!  


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