Intergrating ICT’s whilst on Prac!

While on my professional experience I felt that integrating ICT’s within learning experiences was quite challenging, a fellow blogger also had felt this was way due to limited resources within the school. The mentor I had was very supportive and knew the requirements that had to be fulfilled for this course. She had let me change the history assessment with integrating the students to plan, design and present a ‘Glogster’ presentation of their final information report of their historical artefact. To do this I had to teach students how to effectively use and interact with ‘Glogster’ and had to adjust the criteria to align with the students being marked for their ‘Glogster’ presentation. To enhance their presentations students incorporated a variety of images, video and audio to support their written information report. In previous years the students would hand in a typed 300 word information report, so definitely changed the assessment!

I also integrated ICT’s of using Ipad’s for students with lower academic abilities and the Interactive Whiteboard to deliver instructions and scaffold learning for the visual learners. Overall I believe that I enhanced students learning to the best ability that I could with limited resources available.


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