PredICTing the future

This course as really made myself aware of the endless possibilities of embedding ICT’s within the classrooms to enhance and enrich students learning and also teaching. During the course I have learnt many new different ICT’s, some I have never even heard of before! When I came across fellow blogger, Sophie’s blog about the K-12 Horizon Report, I also myself have never heard of it before, just like Sophie. I found it very interesting as the report each year identifies the technologies that will likely have a significant impact on global education, with predicting the next five years. 

The following predictions were made last year, 2012 so it was interesting to have a look and see if these predictions were valid!
By 2013:
-Mobile device applications
-Tablet computing

By 2014-2015:
-Game based learning
-Personal learning environments

Looking at these predictions I have experienced the incorporation of mobile device applications, tablet computing and game based learning used to enhance students learning. This however made me realize what they will be predicting for the future, with updating their report every year it makes myself aware of how much technology is changing within the modern 21st century and is being relied upon within everyday, therefore education is changing to embed these technologies within classrooms. It scares me a little knowing that one day I will have to be up to date with the variety of technologies available and most importantly be able to integrate these technologies effectively to enhance students learning and also my teaching.


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  1. This report just highlights the need for more courses at University like EDC3100 and without looking at the whole USQ Education program I am sure there is more to come in the near future. As Melissa has mentioned in her post as future educators we need to show that we also have the right 21st century skills, attitudes and motivation to integrate ICT a range of purposeful learning experiences for our students at school.
    Having just finished Professional Experience last week at a school that is heavily committed and focused on student learning with ICT across all KLAs of the curriculum. The K-12 Horizon Report has identified crucial trends in technology and this further supports the view as future educators our role is more than just to be educators and mentors to students. We need to find learning opportunities using ICT to ensure our students are “active” contributors in their learning achievements at school. I just hope technology doesn’t move too fast and some students get left behind in their learning progression.

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