The end of the journey!

You could say yes that this is the end of the journey for this course, EDC3100 with the completion of the third assignment, learning journey and all my blogs. This course has been a rewarding experience by being able to learn so many different technologies available and how to integrate these technologies effectively to enrich the students learning and also my teaching. The workload during the course was a little daunting at first, however now looking back at the completion of the course I think the stress and frustration was definitely worth it all due to learning and experiencing so much in regards to ICT’s by completing each learning activity within the learning journey each week. Yes it might be the end of the journey for completing and finalising this course, though the journey has only begun in regards to embedding ICTs within classrooms to enrich students learning and also my teaching.

Another fellow blogger, Sophie feels the same way towards this course, by agreeing that her journey of ICT’s also doesn’t end with the completion of this course. It will be always within our future journey as teachers to embed ICT’s within the classroom and reflect upon how we can enhance student’s learning by integrating a variety of ICT’s across the curriculum learning areas.

I have enjoyed completing this course this semester, I think this course was a rewarding experience with using blogs to interact with peers to learn and share new learning’s of ICT’s. I hope to hear how everyone else has felt towards the completion of this course and their reflection! I will look forward to sharing and learning new ICT’s with people that continue with their blogs!


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