Digital classroom management tools

The class I had for my professional experience was a grade seven class with behaviour issues, which I think was a great experience for myself to learn and adopt new strategies and teaching tools within my teaching. This prac would have been by far the most enjoyable and rewarding prac in regards to learning so much within behaviour management. I came across a fellow bloggers post about using a digital tool for classroom management, this would be more appropriate to a younger grade of students though still could have been incorporated within any class if used effectively. Rebecca McLucas has shared within her blog a digital website tool called Bouncy Balls, I found this tool very interesting as this could engage students within their tasks and allow them to follow the directions of quiet noise.

I while on my prac had activities where students were to read quietly within their groups, however this was always a struggle. This Bouncy Balls tool would have worked perfectly to engage students on task and to allow students to self reflect when they are getting too loud. The classroom tool that was embraced within the schools management was the ‘one speaker rule’ with a visual poster which the teacher was to direct to each time, however I think this application would have been more effective to use!


The theories, models and frameworks

Finally I have found some time to fill in and complete the theories, models and frameworks table that was within the ‘introducing the CLEM model’ of week 11 activities. Another fellow blogger, Bridget who also completed the theories, models and frameworks table feels by taking the time to complete this table and activity that she has learnt quite a lot by investigating each different theory, model and framework. I also feel the same way, some I knew off the top of my head however some I had to look into and refresh my memory.. was time consuming though worth the effort!



Application to Assignment 3

CLEM Model

To help understand how to use a new ICT and how to enhance student learning by integrating the ICT into lessons.

To understand how to use and apply any new ICT’s within your lessons to enhance student learning, therefore this might be useful for the planning process for Part B of the assignment

TPACK Framework

A framework that identifies the knowledge that teachers need to be able to teach effectively with integrating technology.

This will be particularly useful for pre-service teachers to identify the ICT, ICT content, ICT pedagogy and the ability to use ICTs effectively.

Backwards Design

Design a unit of work using three main steps: 1. Desired results 2. Determine acceptable evidence

3. Plan learning experiences and instruction

To effectively plan the assessment and learning experiences according to the curriculum outcomes to plan for the desired outcome in mind.

SAMR Model

The SAMR model stands for: Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition This model assists teachers to see how computer technology can impact teaching and learning.

Can be used and followed to assist within planning lessons to identify how teaching and learning can be impacted upon.

TIP Model

Assists teachers to address the challenges involved within integrating technology into teaching and learning.

Provides a helpful guide on procedures and issues that need to be addressed.

The 5E’s

An approach to improve domains of learning in particular higher order thinking skills. Students will construct their own meanings by building upon their current level of understanding.

This model would work well within a lower primary grade level to assist with students constructing their own understandings.


WALT: We are learning to The WALT should be shared at the beginning of the lesson to help introduce the students to the lesson.

WILF: What I’m looking for: The WILF is what the teacher is looking for the students to achieve at the end of the lesson. Students should be regularly prompted during the lesson to remind them of the WILF.

These are child friendly ways to express the learning objectives and assessable elements of the lesson.


Refers to the knowledge that is attained through a network that is linked. As learning is developed, new knowledge will be constructed throughout the network.

The majority of learning is focused around social behaviours and the interactions to acquire new knowledge.

Blooms Taxonomy

Works through a pyramid of 6 stages designed to increase student’s higher order thinking skills.

The focus is to integrate a variety of questions into the lesson with using different use of verbs

Postman’s 5 things

  1. Culture always pays a price for technology
  2. There are always winners and losers within technology
  3. Every technology embeds a philosophy, an epistemological, political or social prejudice
  4. Technological change is not additive, it is ecological
  5. Technology becomes mythic, becomes seen as a part of natural order of things

This model is not appropriate to assignment 3

Toolbelt theory/ TEST Framework

The TEST framework is: Task: What needs to be done? Environment:  Where? What is the method of completion? Skills: Strengths and Weaknesses? Ability to acquire new skills? Tools: What tools are required to complete the task?

Encouraging students to identify technologies that assist them to complete their work, practice skills and understand concepts.


A framework that develops a network of people and sources of information that you can draw form on a daily basis.

During professional experience I will develop a PKM that includes, my mentor, other teachers, school staff and other pre-service teachers


Classroom profiling

I came across a fellow blogger, Billy who recommended looking into classroom profiling. I while on my three week prac was very lucky enough to have my mentor as a classroom profiler for behaviour management.  My mentor is a classroom profiler who will go to other classrooms and profile other teachers in regards to how they manage behaviour using the ESCM skills.

I had the opportunity to be profiled and I have found that it is such a great tool! It had provided me with the opportunity to reflect and see how I can improve my teaching pedagogy, which my mentor said at the end of week three she could see a huge improvement which I was very proud about! It was a great rewarding experience and I felt that this prac I have learnt so much, this would be influenced strongly on the use of being profiled!

Reflection on Professional Experience

Where did the last three weeks of my prac go to? I must say that the last three weeks flew by.. they do say that when your having fun time goes quickly! It was interesting to go back to my reflection prior to professional experience and I had many mixed emotions, particularly being nervous that I was teaching a grade seven class, however I loved every moment! I thought I had always had a soft side to the young ones, though after teaching grade seven I have learnt that I love the lower grades just as much as the higher grades!

I must say I haven’t had anytime with being able to blog over the last three weeks…. so sorry in advance with bombarding you with many posts! I loved my placement, the little school I was placed at had a great sense of community with the parents being involved with many of the school priorities, all the teaching staff was very nice and welcoming and my mentor was by far the BEST mentor I have had so far. My mentor was very supportive, encouraging and had great constructive feedback.. was definitely a prac were I had learnt a lot in regards to behavior due to my mentor being a teacher profiler. I have organized to go back to the school for next semester however this time I am going to grade one which I haven’t taught before.. the different experience the better I say! I am looking forward to going back! A fellow blogger, Amy also thoroughly enjoyed her last three weeks placement and is also returning to the same school!

The countdown is on till next prac.. bring it on!

Completing Connect.ed

I have just completed the four modules for Connect.ed as part of the Australian’s Government commitment to cyber-safety. This program is targeted towards children, teenagers, teachers, school staff and teachers. After the completion of the modules I must say I was shocked with the statistics and stories that were shared… it was a real eye opener! I enjoyed experiencing the role play of students interacting within a online messenger chat.. the way they talked and peer pressured each other was so easily lead!

In todays 21st century children strongly use technology like online chat to interact and talk with one another, therefore it is important as a future educator to be cyber-smart myself so I can educate my future students on how to be cyber-smart.

I am proud to have achieved my Connect.ed Cybersmart Certificate.

I came across a fellow blogger, Kathleen who also found the experience of completing the four modules as a rewarding experience and an eye opener!


Discovering enriching resources!

This course has enabled me to discover a variety of enriching ICT tools and resources that can be integrated within lessons to enhance students learning. A fellow blogger, Emileigh has shared her discovery of a great useful application that has countless opportunities for teachers. The application, TeacherKit allows teachers to create the class by adding information regarding the students contact information, attendance and grade reports. This would be a great resource to track the students’ progress during the year and be easy for a supply teacher to understand the student’s different behaviors and abilities within the classroom. I love that since commencing this course, I now have an ever growing folder that includes a variety of enriching ICT tools and resources that can benefit the students learning and also my teaching.

Prac is getting closer!

Today I found out my professional experience placement and I think it will definitely test and challenge me and I am looking forward to! I found out that I have a grade seven class, which I am finding this a little daunting as I am use to teaching the little ones! A fellow blogger is experiencing the same feelings as me with being nervous and also excited at the same time due to not teaching this year level before. Well now knowing my placement details, I can now start looking into Part B of assignment 3, as I am sure it will be here before we know it!